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3DDD for Business Central

3DDD bargraph.png

3DDD displays data in 3D. Data displayed visually in 3D offers more information than data in form of a spreadsheet a spreadsheet or in 2D. By navigating through the data you see the data from other angles and discover new information.

3DDD for Business Central is a javascript control add-in that displays business data in 3D within Business Central.

Out of the box 3DDD displays Analysis View data. This means that the data that should be displayed is configurable in an Analysis View.

Displaying other data is also possible after some AL customization.

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Product 3DDD
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Dev Central helps businesses develop their software products.

If you are a software developer dev Central lets you manage every step of your releases by dividing them into projects and tasks, and assigning team members and planning. You can monitor and adjust release dates by adjusting project and task planning.

Dev Central has features to register knowledge so important parts of the application, like online help and release notes, become automatically available. Also a knowledge base can be build over time: an easily searchable collection of knowledge and experience.

These tools are an important help in ensuring that:

  • software releases stay within budget,

  • Planned publishing dates are met,

  • Documentation is available at the moment the release is published,

  • Valuable experience is not lost, but remains available to team members and customers.



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