White Lupuna is online

Feb 14th, 2022

This propably doesn't surprise you because you are looking at the website right now. However we think it's a fact worth mentioning because from now on you will find valuable applications that help your business processes perform better on this site.

From today our application "Dev Central" is available. Dev Central offers tools to help you manage publishing software products. Go to the Products page for more information about Dev Central.

New tool "Dev Central" released


Feb 14th, 2022

Today White Lupuna has released a new application called "Dev Central".

Dev Central helps businesses develop their software products. It lets businesses manage their software releases by dividing them into Projects and Tasks, and assign team members and planning.

Dev Central has features to register knowledge so that important parts of the application, like online help and release notes, become automatically available. Also a knowledge base can be build up over time: an easily searchable collection of knowledge and experience about all kinds of topics.

These tools are an important help in ensuring that software releases meet their planned publishing date and knowledge is always available to team members and customers.

Dev Central was built on top of Odoo Project. Odoo is a widely used platform for ERP applications that is built to be modular and scalable. Project is one of Odoo's core modules for planning projects.


3DDD is coming soon

3DDD bargraph.png

Feb 15th, 2022

An image says more then numbers. 3DDD, 3D Dynamic Data Display, gives more insight into your business by displaying data in a 3 dimensional scene. Out of the box; costly development no longer needed. Interactive, simple configuration.